The Rise of Magic

A Harry Potter Historical Timeline

The historical facts listed below are meant to give an idea of what was happening at the time. They are by no means a comprehensive list of the history of the world. This page is maintained by Ariana Deralte.

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bf. 800 Mycenaean civilization collapsed   Little Wizard Man by Tinderblast. A drabble of Herpo the Foul.
60 Boudicca's rebellion    
90 Roman troops in Britain withdraw to the Newstead line   The Mark of a Wizard by J. K. Rose. Join the Ollivander family in Roman Britain.(offline)
105 Paper is invented in China    
208 Emperor Septimus Severus and Caracalla invade Scotland    
235 Over fifty emperors are put forward by the Roman legions until 284 AD    
306 Constantine the Great rules    
380 Christianity becomes the official religion of Rome    
410 Rome is pillaged by Alaric I    
450 The Kingdom of Ghana rises to power in West Africa    
600 Buddhism is introduced to Japan    
613 The Prophet Muhammad begins to preach    
618 The Tang dynasty begins in China    
641 The Muslims conquer Egypt    
700 Beowulf is written   Thou Standest Afar Off by Malarkay. As fear and suspicion grow, four people come together in an endeavor to preserve their culture in a rapidly changing world. They will learn, though, that even the best of intentions can sometimes go astray.
800 Charlemagne is crowned Emperor    
855 Russia is founded by the Vikings    
915 Saxon king, Edmund the Elder, rules in Britain   Hogwarts, Estd. 920 AD by Marett Graves. A Founder fic with a dash of time-traveling Draco thrown in.
952 Arabic philosopher Al-Farabi lives and teaches in Bagdhad   Shades of Grey by Gemini. The birth of the first Founder has changed the world. Also making appearances are Muggles, hats, and wizarding feasts.
962 The Holy Roman Empire is founded under Otto I in Germany First proof of wizards using broomsticks found in a German manuscript  
965 The Heian period in Japan   Adventures of the Hogwarts Four by T.W.A.K Incorporated. An account of the Founders' lives, from the time of their meeting until the founding of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (offline)
995 Dead Saints were first canonized.   Forget Me Not by Robin4. Ten years ago, Salazar Slytherin left Hogwarts. Now he brings war to the school he helped to build, determined to claim it as his own—and to slay all those who seek to stop him.
      Those Left Behind by Robin4. Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff are all that remains of four best friends. Together, they must face the future—but first, they must face that which the dead have left behind.
c.1000 Neo-Confucianism rises in China. Hogwarts is founded (dates uncertain) Before the Beginning by Arabella. A story about the beginning of Hogwarts - did you ever wonder how the ceiling in the Great Hall was created?
      The Last Battle by wabbitseason. Gryffindor and Slytherin have an argument. A drabble.
      Honest Infidelity by Sho-Ro Ko. As their lives fall to pieces around them, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw discover the spiteful trick fate has played on them. Each were led up to a forbidden destiny they cannot succumb to - lest they bring down the wrath of society.
  The reign of Rajaraja the Great in India   Glass Rose by Kaorie Lily Marie Otome XIV. Rowena’s life was always curious… but what happened? This is before, through, and after Rowena Ravenclaw’s life.
      Moon and Stone by Andrea13 & Persephone Kore. Legends always have a basis in fact... but sometimes they change so much as to be unrecognizable.
  The Eastern European borderlands are colonized

The School Eternal by Kaesa Aurelia. A tale of the Founders, featuring a host of strange characters, bitter rivalries, Experimental Arithmancy, politics, goblin rebellions, naive demon professors, bratty children stealing sweets, and equally bratty adults.
  King Ethelred II rules in Britain


Eclipses by Siria Black. In a very different time from now, over a thousand years ago, struggles between rival factions threaten to tear apart the established order of the wizarding world. Four very different people are forced to work together in the face of political intrigue and the threat of war in an attempt to save the only life they know - but is it worth it?
      Schism by Alchemine. When Salazar Slytherin deserted Hogwarts, he left behind a secret that would lie hidden for a thousand years -- and began a rivalry between Houses that would last even longer. Contains implied slash.
      Pure Blood by Jack Ichijouji. Every shadow has a light. Every evil has a good. Every story has another. This is that of Salazar Slytherin.
  Vikings raid across Britain and are bribed with the danegeld   The Rest is Legend and So It Begins by JK. When Argus Filch tries to ban sugar quills, Dumbledore tells him a story about the beginnings of Hogwarts, and why sugar quills can't be banned.

New Beginnings and Choices by Lez. Hogwart's founding through the eyes of the female Founders.

Born of the Sun by Rose Fay. An epic Founder's tale.

  Leif Ericson lands in North America   The Last Thing by Ciircee. There is one more thing the Founders must do for Hogwarts.                    Translations by emilyray. Salazar Slytherin has made his decision. There's only one thing left to worry about.
      The Bloody Baron by Starzie. The Bloody Baron has haunted Hogwarts for centuries, always silent... but why? What caused the bloodstains on his robe?
      The Clear Light of Dawn by Luna. Helga Hufflepuff makes a startling discovery that will forever change her relationship with the other three Founders.
  The Toltec Empire rules Central America   Stubborn as Sin by Licca LX. Helga dislikes Salazar beyond words for what he did to Rowena. And even more for being the person he is. But how will that work when he's coming to Hogwarts?
      Legends of the Four by SlytherinPsyche. A tale of love, lust, betrayal, major disappointments, hatred, life, and death; namely, the four founders of Hogwarts.
c.1000-1100 Signs and portents are reported across Europe



Macbeth rules in Scotland



The Cid performs his 'legendary' deeds

Midsummer Blue by Yen. Salazar Slytherin: But, why then did he choose to help found Hogwarts instead?
Message in a Rose by Yen. Salazar Slytherin gave a rose to Rowena Ravenclaw, and it has a message in it.
The Bird and the Serpent by Yen. Salazar pretends to love Rowena, then realizes he truly does.
For Love of Dragons by Yen. How Godric Gryffindor got his first dragon egg.
The Magic Ring by Yen. This story was inspired by a French legend about Emperor Charlemagne, his chief advisor Turpin & a magic ring.
Hogwart's Second Halloween by Yen. Salazar Slytherin plays storyteller.
Crystals and Shadows by Yen. The light oftentimes seems too frail against darkness. So easy to destroy, harder to mend. For two said to be equal, the scales are tipped unfairly.
1002 The St. Brice's Day Massacre in Britain   Prejudice by Teluekh. Salazar Maltzurrena, called Slytherin, is a proud man in a strange and barbaric land. Circumstances conspire against him. Again.
1014 Civil war in Muslim Spain   Giving in to the Enemy by Ayla Pascal. An impetuous decision by Salazar leads to a rather compromising situation between he and Godric and makes them both question the nature of their relationship. SLASH.
  Svein Fork-Beard dies   Salazar's Betrayal by Ayla Pascal. What led Salazar Slytherin to betray the other Founders of Hogwarts? Who or what is the sinister writing that speaks to Salazar? With snogging, murder, secret societies that aren't so secret...
1021 Canute rules over England, Sweden, Norway and Denmark   The Hidden Grail by A.L. Milton. A confrontation. A murder. A tragedy. The end of the Founders and, remembered, their beginning.
1043 King Edward the Confessor is consecrated at Winchester

Aintzane: Toad of Glory by Persephone Kore. Dying forsaken by all others, Salazar Slytherin talks to a toad on his deathbed and gives her and her descendants a mission....

Aintzane: Lion's Vigil by Persephone Kore. Sequel to Toad of Glory. Godric's perspective on the situation, as he arrives just a little too late....


William the Conqueror wins the Battle of Hastings

1096 The First Crusade    
1170 Beckett is killed in Canterbury Cathedral    
1203 Genghis Khan invades Iran The Holyhead Harpies Quidditch club is founded  
1215 The Magna Carta is signed    
1269 Marco Polo arrives home from his journeys The Snidget is first hunted at a Quidditch game  
1289 Byzantium is harried by the Turks, Mongols, Venetians and Genoese International Warlock Convention  
1299 The Ottoman Empire is founded    
1347 The Black Death begins    
1349 The Plague still rages in Europe until 1351 AD   The Pestilence by J.K. Rose. Ron learns why exactly magic and Muggle had to intermarry ... and why Nicolas Flamel really brewed the Elixir of Life.
1381 The Peasant's Revolt in Britain   Staff Troubles by Ariana Deralte - Peasants and freemen are organizing a revolt across Britain and one wizard is about to stumble straight into the middle of it...
1393 Bulgaria is annexed by the Ottoman Empire   Wendelin by Butterfly. The story of Wendelin the Weird.
1419 Henry V conquers Normandy A ban is placed on playing Quidditch where Muggles can see it  
1453 The Fall of Constantinople    
1473 Birth of Copernicus The First World Quidditch Cup  
1486 Malleus Maleficarum is published as a guide to the evils of witchcraft    
1492 Columbus discovers the Caribbean   The Story of Sir Nicholas De Mimsy-Porpington by DanaMedea. How did Nearly Headless Nick become that way, only to later become the official Gryffindor ghost? The life and times of Sir Nicholas...
1499 Henry Tudor VII rules in England   Two Princes by wabbitseason - An alternate theory about the two princes in the tower.
1513 The Prince is written by Macchiavelli
1517 The Reformation begins in Germany    
1538 Ivan the Terrible rules in Russia Quidditch players are forbidden to use wands against the opposing team  
1593 In Scotland, witch hunts rage on until the 1700's   Jewel of the Harem by Anise. Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, and Ginny have traveled backwards through time with Professor Moody.
1610 Galileo publishes the Siderial Messenger.   De Profundis by Monkeymouse. Why would a Hogwarts wizard become a Catholic friar, and then return to Hogwarts as a ghost?
1612 Protestant colonists settle in Ulster, Ireland Goblin rebels use the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade as headquarters  
1637 In Bavaria, hundreds of women are executed as witches Werewolf Code of Conduct implemented  
1647 Charles I is surrendered to Parliament   A Bloody Betrayal by Pegasus. In which the reasons behind the Bloody Baron's control over Peeves are explored.
1652 Oliver Cromwell serves as Lord Protector of England The European Cup is established Companions in Immortality by Agatha S. In 17th century France, an evil wizard tries to get the Philosopher's Stone from Nicholas Flamel by kidnapping his wife Perenelle.
1680 Shivaji rules the Maratha kingdom in India   Uric the Oddball and the Wild Hunt by Ariana Deralte. Uric "the Oddball" Beaufolle is starting at Hogwarts. New teachers. New students. New problems. Just how much trouble can an eleven-year old get into? Plenty.
1682 Peter the Great rules in Russia   The Lady by Ariana Deralte. Old magic stirs, the castle comes alive and Uric meets a lady with a certain fondness for badgers.
1685 Bach and Handel are born   Here, There and Back Again by Ariana Deralte. During his sixth-year, Uric has become lost in time. See the history and future of Hogwarts from an Oddball's pov.
1686 James II attempts to convert Britain to Catholicism   Uric the Oddball and the Great Goblin Uprising by Ariana Deralte. It’s Uric “the Oddball” Beaufolle’s final year at Hogwarts. Badgers, goblin raids, young love, demon summoning, evil vampires, new classes, and of course, Uric himself.
1692 The Salem witch trials begin The International Confederation of Wizards introduces new policy on magical creatures and the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy  
c.1700 Philip V rules in Spain   A Tale to Tell by Laqueta. The Triwizard Tournament is being hosted at Hogwarts, and is being hailed as a grand event by all of wizarding Europe. Little does anyone know that this will be the last Tournament for hundreds of years.
1709 The Battle of Poltava is won by Peter the Great Dragon breeding is outlawed  
1750 Scottish poet Robert Fergusson is born Clause 73, ensuring that wizards must take care of their own countries magical creatures, is created Walking on Broken Glass by wabbitseason. A witch dreams.

A History of the Veil by SpiralOut. A page in an old textbook holds the answers.

1794 France is in the grip of revolution First known sighting of an Acromantula  
1796 Napoleon comes to power in France   Plus ça Change; the More Things Change by Storm. In 1796, a time of opportunity, bigotry and change, an ambitious Slytherin sets his sights high. Watch out for politics, prejudice and inter-house rivalry as he uses any means available to achieve his ends.
1811 Tecumseh is defeated at Tippecanoe Minister Grogan Stump determines the definition of a 'being'  
1820 The Portuguese revolution The Cushioning Charm is invented by Elizabeth Smethwyck Never a Tale of More Woe by Liss Havilland. The story of the Grey Lady.
1850 The Irish Potato Famine ends   Like a Fairy Tale by Indigo Ziona. A young Victorian boy is growing up, however precariously, in a world that used to make sense. But the bullies are now scared of him and his mother appears to be going mad...
1850     Amber Dreams by The Gentleman. This is the story of Albus Dumbledore and Geoffrey Ollivander, the prophecy that guided them, and the choices that they made.
1855 Czar Nicholas I dies   Two Worlds and in Between by Minerva McTabby. A saga with adventure, angst, romance (het and slash), ethical dilemmas, drama, betrayal, war, and lots of magic. Opens in 1855, at Hogwarts with the Dumbledore brothers - and Julius Marvolo, grandfather of Tom Riddle.
  World Exhibition in Paris   The Golden Elixir Books I & II by Runescriptor. This is a time-travel fic featuring Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore and some brilliant OCs.
  The printing telegraph is invented   Wizards and Worldgates by Tailchaser. How Dumbledore and the Luggage came to be acquainted. (HP/Discworld)
      Blood and Silver by Ruxi.The Black lineage has always considered itself above all wizardry kin, with no true evidence of their blood superiority. Until in 1855, when a best left forgotten tale haunts their very lives...
      Dumbledore's Newts by Marie Von Agthoven. Albus Dumbledore sits his NEWTs.
1861 The American Civil War begins    
1864 War and Peace is written by Tolstoy   Christmas Dilemma by Lloannna. Dumbledore & co. must come up with a Christmas gift for their roommate.
1870 Franco-Prussian War   The Man Who Won November by Bruno. London is a world of its own, with secrets hidden in every alley.
1875 Rebellion in Cuba Gripping Charms are invented  
1883 The Sino-French War Hoops replace baskets as goal posts in Quidditch  
1884 Grover Cleveland is elected president of the U.S. Stooging becomes a foul in Quidditch  
1890 The first moving picture is shown   Shades of Grey by Ayla Pascal. Ever wondered about the Ravenclaw ghost, the grey lady?  Well it might surprise you who she was…
1891 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is published   The Fomorian Plague by Apocalyptic. Join Gracie Lewis, Alex Davies, Joseph Lupin, and Vishnu Patil for their first, rather eventful year at Hogwarts. Giants at war, mysterious plagues, the Cannons' last league win, House rivalries, and much more!
1894 Japan invades China   The Case of Missing Whiskey by Mundungus42. A stolen inheritance leads Holmes and Watson to a world that does not wish to be discovered and a bag of sherbet lemons. (HP/Sherlock Holmes)
1897 The British-Sudan War Newton Scamander is born  
1900 The Boxer Rebellion in China    
1911 The Chinese Republic is founded   Raspoutine - Celui qui pensa by darkrogue. Russie, début 20eme siecle. Situé dans le monde de Harry Potter, mais sans aucun rapport avec le personnage de Harry. Meme si un des personnages fait une tres brève apparition à la fin.
1914 Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated - WWI begins    
1918 World War I ends The first edition of Fantastic Beasts is commissioned  
1919 The Treaty of Versailles is signed    
1920 The Prohibition begins in the U.S.    


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