Underappreciated Sites

Cornell University Library Witchcraft Collection - Hundreds of documents on telling whether you've been turned into a newt.

Internet Sacred Text Archive - Surfing for the soul.

Gay History and Literature - Contains the fascinating 18th century sourcebook, along with other more boring essays.

The Internet Classics Archive - Pretend for a moment that you wish to broaden your mind.

Athelstane's E-texts - Forgotten children's books that can be surprisingly entertaining at 3am.

Naval History of Great Britain - Excerpts from the Naval chronicle. Not for the seasick.

Skyehawke dot com - What should have been.

Yuletide Treasure - Rare fic and pairings by the bucketful. You have been warned.

The Chamber of Icons - Best icon site online, especially their non-HP ones interestingly enough.

Host Your Site - for as little as $4.99 a month

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