Sauron-chan's Adventures

In the British Museum

Welcome to the British Museum.

Nice hair, Apollo.

Bet you didn't know I was on the Parthenon.

If I hold very still, maybe they'll think my fur is a beard.

I wish I had something else to say other than that these vases all look the same.

Does it count as porn if it's over 2000 years old?

I'd have bowed out of attacking Troy in hindsight.

Archaeology: If you bury it. They will find it.


Er, you have a... Never mind. You look great.

It wouldn't be a trip with Ariana without pictures of skulls.

I don't see the resemblance.

Alexander would have begged to have me in his army.

This is not a helmet to wear while drinking - unless you're drinking from it, that is.

I'd play, but the pieces look like they're going to attack me.

Despite what they tell you, all mummies are not equal.

She, for instance, was apparently eight feet tall.

Pharaoh Amentotenclangin IVISX

Where would the world be without awesome beards like his?

It kinda looks like a hockey mask.

Wow, those Europeans sure worked out.