Sauron-chan's Adventures

Visiting China

Welcome to Beijing.

And the results of one of its flash storms/floods.

The Imperial city awaits.

These gats are actually really far away.

Seriously, be prepared to walk. Not that I was doing any walking. There are advantages to having only minimal appendages.

This is only the first inner courtyard. I hope they had golf carts in the old days.

Good kitty.

It wasn't a maze, but it sure felt like one.

The famous nine dragon screen.

I met a dragon once. It was imprisoned by a witch who owned bathhouse...

Don't ask me why, but the toilets were right around the corner from this wall.

No comment.

Gates to a temple are very elaborate in China.

This is a mosque believe it or not.

It's called the Drum Tower because it's full of drums. Get it?

Xian's marketplace. You will never find a cheaper silk robe.

Or a t-shirt, jade pendent, fan, scarf, figurine, snuff box, bag, painting, pencil, chopsticks, skirt, keychain, etc ad nausuem.

The Duke of Ch'in was just a little bit paranoid about the afterlife, ne?

Welcome to the Summer Palace.

With it's beautiful lake.

And random pretty tower.

I like round doors cause then I match.

Opera is more interesting in Chinese.

Welcome to the Great Wall of China... and the smog.

I was actually dragged to the top of that hill in the distance.

No one about means you can pretend to fire canons at Mongol invaders.

I wonder if they can see the wall from space through the smog?