Sauron-chan's Adventures

At the Zoo

There's a polar bear in this picture.

At least the llama didn't try to eat or kill me.

You know, seals tend to *play with* things that look like balls and I've been putting on some weight...

Oh good, a nice, charging rhino.

The smell made my eyes water.

Er, is it the hippo or Ariana who's trying to insult me here?

Very pretty.

Yeah, I have a headache too.

This bird was very sweet and told me it's great great grandmother was a raptor.

You know, I don't like penguins.

Especially royal ones.

Think black and white thoughts.

I've been very patient. Let me out now please.

It's seen me.

Oh god. It's still looking.

Stop staring!

Oh, thank the forest spirits!

Oh, very funny. Leave me with the bad hair band penguins.

I want to go home.