Uric the Oddball Fanart

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Uric character study by Ayne

Uric chibi by Ayne

Louis chibi by Ayne

Mena chibi by Ayne

Cover for Wild Hunt by ? (If you sent this to me, drop me an email.)

The statue scene from Wild Hunt by Oowth

Louis by Odyssey

Mena by Odyssey

Uric by Odyssey

Uric and his foot by Odyssey

Uric and Louis in Mrs. Kurze's office by Oowth

The Uric trio by SeverelySnaped


Livejournal Icons


Uric Simpson's Style by Fyre

By Fyre

By Fyre

By Fyre

By Sylk

Made by me, from Ayne's fanart




Uric Beaufolle from Uric the Oddball by Ariana Deralte
I represent the epic grandeur of the decentered
self in the abyss of modernity. Even my
bird-lizard is a hermeneutic fusion of the
subconscious mind and the intangible Other.

My unmentioned secret: That pesky recurring
nightmare about badger pudding.

Likely fate: Hufflepuff legend.

Uric the Oddball and the Wild Hunt by Ariana
Deralte [PG, complete]
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